3D Projection Mapping Services


Using state-of-the-art projectors, software, and video equipment, we can transform any surface into an elegant art installation. These projection systems display video content onto three-dimensional surfaces from multiple angles, creating the illusion of something unique. This augmented art form can be applied to buildings, stage builds, cakes, or anything!


3D Projection Mapping is not only capable of creating beautiful displays of art and storytelling. Mapping can elevate your brand and place your logo onto a larger-than-life canvas. Traditional signage is costly and has hard limitations, but with 3D mapping, there are no limits to the possibilities.

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3D Projection Mapping Highlight Reel

A wonderful collection of some of our favorite and jaw-dropping 3D projection mapping projects. From buildings to cakes to spaceships!

How is 3D Projection Mapping Done?

This video shows a quick preview of the prop development that goes into various 3D projection mapping projects and how video content is applied.

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Huntsville Havoc's New Video Display

Check out the newest addition to the Huntsville Havoc's Pregame Show.



Lighting projections in a concert or event

Our experience with projection mapping goes back almost two decades, starting with digital manipulation and image wrapping. Using a software prototyping platform, we began creating a custom keystone manipulation program that could handle image projection onto multiple surfaces from 1 projector. Fast-forward a few years, and LED-Orange is on the road across the South East and eventually across the nation, supporting EDM artists, producers, and talent of all kinds. With a limitless art form at our disposal, we continue to push the bounds of innovation and always strive to find new collaboration opportunities.


Building / Architectural Mapping

In this example, we used the back of a church to create an "entranceway effect" for visitors to their Christmas production. Using the shape of the building and the raised edges, we took advantage of the existing architectural space to create something one-of-a-kind for guests.

Stage Mapping

An open stage has unlimited possibilities, and deciding what to do with that space can be challenging. We take pride in our pre-modeling process and our ability to bring a concept from imagination to face-melting creation successfully. At the Mars Music Hall, we created a custom hexagon design paired with a custom LED facade.

Advertising Applications

Projectors have to do more than a standard LED screen being unbound by many weight and cost limitations. In this example, we converted a highway-side building face into a digital billboard. The client has taken advantage of this unusual medium to send out public announcements in a fun way that engages their audience.

Trade Show Booth

Using 3D effects at a trade show or convention is an excellent way to catch attention and impact your customers. In this example, a basic cube was mounted about 15' high over the booth, displaying various graphics and logos. The client was happy to report that it successfully created many marketing and networking opportunities through basic customer engagement.

Formal Decor

In this example, we transformed the back of a school into a magical entranceway for the prom! Many of the festivities for the year were forced outside, and taking advantage of the existing building space was a cost-effective way to create decor and signage.

2D Logos and Monograms

On the more basic end, video mapping can project logos and monograms onto basic 2D surfaces. A projector and skilled technician can work with angles and situations that typically wouldn't work with traditional lighting fixtures.


Survey the Site

Survey the Site

The first step in our process is to visit the site and let our imagination loose with ideas. We take measurements, establish a site layout, and get photos from every angle!

Create a 3D Layout

Create a 3D Layout

Using these site photos, we create a 2D layout in our software to provide the template for transitioning from 2D back to 3D projection.

Simulate in Software

Simulate in Software

Once the template is finished, we simulate what each projector sees and create our 3D model. This view of each perspective allows us to preview the whole show.

Arrive at Site

Arrive at Site

Either the day before or on event day, we arrive with all the equipment and get everything ready to go. The magic of projector alignment is a show in itself!

Show Time

Show Time

When it's go-time, the projectors fire up and transform the subject into a jaw-dropping piece of art with endless possibilities. The audience doesn't see the process, only the magic!

Gone without Trace

Gone without Trace

When it's all over, there is nothing to clean up. No mess, no impact, and the canvas turn back into its original form, leaving only the memory of its full potential.