AV Installations

Advertising Applications

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising made our integrated projection system enclosures easy. It is designed to work in various environments, with solutions for every application.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Illuminate your building or home with our IP65 outdoor lighting packages. We have a variety of options for our LED lighting installations and would love to design something unique.

Outdoor Led Lighting Installation
The stage for The destiny center with bands

Church AV

Let our team upgrade your worship space with our modern lighting and video solutions. We can build personalized recommendations based on your current needs and plans for the future.

Weatherproof Projection Systems

Create a permanent outdoor mural or advertising display with our weatherproof projection enclosures. Resistant against brutal weather conditions, the air-controlled system allows for operation year-round. Security features guarantee that our enclosures are safe from tampering.

Weatherproof Projection Systems
Water Holograms

Water Holograms

Create a lasting impact with a water hologram projection system! Convert existing fountain or waterfall features, or utilize our mobile fountain system.


OrangeMaps by LED-Orange.

An affordable and easy-to-use projection mapping software. Featuring out-of-the-box effects. Video, camera, Kinect, and capture device input. Communication with Arduino for LED strip control and DMX output. Syphon input and output for use with other VJ software. Built-in edge tracing and automatic layer effects.